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Learn About Mortgage Lenders Before Finding One

Mortgage Lenders

A mortgage lender is any time of financial institution which offers various types of mortgage loans to people and companies that are interested in purchasing some form of real estate or property. Most individuals and businesses will most likely not have the necessary financial funds to purchase real estate or property by providing cash for the full asking price amount, and thus, will require a mortgage loan to help secure and purchase the property.

What is a Mortgage Lender?

Most commonly, a mortgage lender will be a bank or a financial institution that concentrates is services solely on mortgage loans. Mortgage lenders will also provide for a variety of mortgage loans in order to provide a wide array of services to the public and consumers. Home mortgages, commercial mortgages, and property loans will most often times all be offered by a single mortgage lender. It is not unusual for even some credit unions to also offer mortgage loans, and thus, being a distinct type of mortgage lender.

Purpose of a Mortgage Lender

Though mortgage lenders exist to provide financial services to consumers, they have the overall of making some sort of profit from the loans they provide the public.

Even though mortgage loans are given based on collateral, mortgage lenders stand to make profit by charging for providing the loan, also known as origination fees. Furthermore, a mortgage lender stands to make a profit particularly based on the interest rates that are applied on mortgage loans.

Most often, the calculation of the interest rates applied on a specific loan are calculated based on various factors, with the borrower’s financial history being a key component. The best qualified borrowers will receive the best mortgage interest rates. What constitutes a particularly qualified borrower will depend upon the criteria set forth by each individual mortgage lender.

The purpose is to ensure that the borrower is one that has the best potential of being able to repay the mortgage loan, and thus, being at least risk of defaulting. Generally speaking, a qualified borrower will be the one that can show that he/she will make monthly payments in full and on time in accordance to the terms of a particular mortgage loan.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Mortgage Lender

When individuals or companies seek out the services of mortgage lenders, they will have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify to receive a mortgage loan. The mortgage lender will have the responsibility of conducting research in regards to the loan applicants in order to make sure that they have the necessary financial means in order to pay back any loans rendered.

Mortgage lenders will consult the credit history and annual income of the applicant as well as the value of the assets and the real estate property being purchased. The terms of a particular mortgage loan will be based on such criteria, and then be presented to the applicant.

The applicant will then have the opportunity to evaluate if the terms of the loan will meet his/her goals and best interests.

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